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I am passionate about creating shared value for businesses by leveraging economic values while simultaneously addressing societal needs and challenges. 

Shared value is not just corporate social responsibility, philanthropy, or even sustainability, but a new way to achieve economic success.


Hi There! I'm Jessica Hinman and love creating Shared Value

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A Shared Value and Corporate Social Responsibility leader with extensive communications, marketing and engagement background igniting passion to benefit both non-profit organizations and companies. Proven, goal-oriented leader with ability to drive metrics, maintain business acumen, develop marketing strategies and advertising outreach, and inspire others. Avid volunteer in local communities with the dedication and readiness to build trust and enlighten the community. 

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What is Shared value?

Going Beyond Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is about responsibility; Creating Shared Value (CSV) is about creating value.

Creating Shared Value (CSV) surpasses Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by guiding the engagement of companies and their stakeholders and communities. CSR programs focus mostly on reputation and have only a limited connection to the business, making them hard to justify and maintain over the long run. In contrast, Creating Shared Value (CSV) is the main driver of a company’s profitability and competitive position. It leverages the unique resources and expertise of the company economic value by creating social value.